It was in 1959 that our father, moved by a strong passion for this job, opened his first shop, initially inside a small laboratory of a watchmaker.

Years by years, the work grew up and it a bigger place and a better organization were necessary, which is why he choose to move to Piazza Eleonora, at the very center of Oristano, where we still have our historical boutique.

L'ingresso del negozio.
Il banco vendita.
Il banco vendita e sullo sfondo i diplomi e gli ottotipi.
La sala d'attesa.

During the development of the activity, we also became adults and passionate of this job, so we decided to be part of it. Our maxim has always been “get better to better satisfy the client”. This is what we do: we invest in innovation and training, in order to give an even better service and to stay behind the times. We offer our experience to fulfil your requests.

Oristano is where everything started and where you can still find us, as in Cabras, Ales, Mogoro and Sardara… but the times change and so do our activity, so now we want to give you the possibility to order our products directly from the shop online.

Who we are today.