Eye problems are various: each one has specific symptoms that you should not underestimate. At the Santona Optical Centre, the anamnesis is crucial: the person who needs an eye exam is carefully listened (even during the phone call to set the appointment) in order to address him to the more appropriate test. According to the problems referred, daily needs and lifestyle (work, hobbies, personal agenda) you could need tests that are more specific: optometric and contactology ones. For this reason, at the Santona Optical Centre, we do different kinds of eye exams. You can set an appointment even on our website.

Vision test for driving license

Basic optometric exam

Specialized optometric exam

Increase of vision abilities

Vision care

Basic contactology

Specialized contactology

Vision test for drive license

It has been scientifically proved that the vision perception plays a crucial role while you are driving a vehicle. Santona Optic Centre is particularly sensitive to the subject and offers competence and services. We will text you as a reminder that your driving license needs to be renewed. Before coming for a vision check, we suggest you to book with us an exam to check your vision conditions and abilities and to measure your vision acuity. If necessary, you will be able to update your vision correction in the respect of the Highway Code.

Basic optometric exam

Any difficulties looking at the blackboard at school? Blurry words on your computer screen? Low clarity on road signs while coming back from work? Annoying headache while you are reading? Any vision issue that limits your daily life brings many consequences that reflect on your body. At the Santona Optical Centre, it is possible to book a basic optometric exam to check the integrity of your eye abilities and go deeper on your vision issues with an accurate refractive exam. The basic optometric exam makes possible to give accurate suggestions to prevent and treat eventual vision diseases; it allows also giving technical and professional information on the best vision correction to adopt (kind of ophthalmic lenses, frames, contact lenses and any other optic device).

Specialized optometric exam

It is scientifically proved that the vision perception affects the body’s balance as many others factors. According to his multifunctional approach, any vision disease could be given by other problems or, at the contrary, a vision disease could give minor problems to the human body. In this logic, Santona Optical Centre cooperates with many healthcare professionals, in a multidisciplinary way. At our Optical Centre, it is possible to book a specific optometric exam if you have found difficulties in the binocular vision area, tridimensional perception, accommodating and convergence system, eye movements, chromatic perception. It is about difficulties that influence with knock-on effects on your daily routine (posture, reading, and apprentice).

Increase of vision abilities

Some vision abilities can be increased through specific exercises, to perform every two days during a variable period from 4 to 12 weeks. At the Santona Optical Centre, it is possible to book a strengthening cycle of vision abilities, composed by a weekly session at the office during an hour, and daily exercises at home during thirty minutes. The strengthening of vision abilities makes use of exercises in different level of complicacy, in order to increase different kinds of vision abilities:





The strengthening of vision abilities is particularly good during the child development, when vision difficulties are evident and can be solved through exercises which increase, stabilize ant automatize them.