Sport is not just movement. Any kind of sport discipline bring people to give the best of itself stimulating psychophysical, perceptive, cognitive and motivational aspects. It is a global effort, in which vision has a crucial role: who has a good vision function has a better efficacy in the sportive performance. For this reason, even glasses are a part of sports equipment, and you need to choose the best product for your discipline in order to increase your performance.

Hiking, baseball, beach volley, bicycling, cricket, golf, auto-racing, motorcycling, mountain bike, fishing, running, ski, draught, tennis, aquatic sports, and triathlon: every sport required a specific product. In some cases, we need sunglasses with a proper frame and ophthalmic lenses ideal for the discipline, in some others we need prescription glasses to balance an eventual ametropia with technical characteristics for both frame and lenses. Since, sometimes, it is necessary to have a combination of both requests, ideal glasses for sportive people are technical glasses, multifunctional, practical and comfortable, equipped with lenses that guarantee protection, lightness and clear vision.