The Santona Optic Centre has modern instruments, essential for a professional service.

Auto Ref Keratometer

The auto ref keratometer is a computerized instrument through which can be measured the real refractive ability of the eye. At the Santona Optic Centre we always do this test, during each optometric ant contactologic exam. The auto ref keratometer is in mobile format so can be easily used with children or in more difficult and complicated situations. Every result can be later integrated and refined through different technics.



It is the instrument for a practical and quick refractive exam. It is a complex instrumental unity constituted by 4 disks of lenses: spherical (positive and negative) with high strength, spherical (positive and negative) with low strength, cylindrical (negatives) and accessories. While you are comfortably sited behind the phoropter, we can do different standard tests, and we can do it precisely, quickly and functionally. At the Santona Optic Centre the phoropter is used during optometric and contactologic exams (before and after the application), integrating its results through the use of test glasses e/o flippers, in the cases in which the evaluation is also important in the free space or is in demand great precision.


The lensmeter is the instrument through which can be measured the frontal strength of a lens (including the axis direction in a cylindrical lens). At the Santona Optic Centre we use computerized lensmeters, to verify the strength of glasses in use before every eye exam. Its main use is in the optic laboratory, during the glasses implementation.

Slit lamp

Computerized Eye Chart

Corneal topographer