The sun sends UV radiations dangerous for the eyes. Since the clouds do not totally filter the harmful solar rays, it is necessary to protect the eyes with sunglasses, and to be aware that the protection from the rays UV is effective only with high quality lenses. UV rays are invisible and they can cause many problems to the eyes. Those more dangerous for our vision system are UVB rays (absorbed especially by the cornea) and UVA rays (stopped by the crystalline lens). Our natural defenses preserve the retina from a UV rays exposure; but the constant stress for cornea and crystalline exposed to solar rays, if not well filtrated, can cause:


In case of strong exposure, damaging of the corneal epithelium

Aging of the crystalline and consequent increase of the risk of cataract;

Protection from UV rays is important starting in the childhood, because damages of radiations are progressively added for the whole life; so, starting from the beginning with an appropriate protection, you can reduce the risks. Eyes in children are more sensitive and vulnerable than in adults. Some extreme environmental conditions increase the danger of UV solar rays, as exposures in mountains, on the snow, on boat or at the beach. The light crossing a lens can be absorbed thanks to the material that is made of, its coloration and eventual treatments.

In commerce, exist:

  • Protective lenses (UV400)
  • Polarizing lenses
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Comfort drive lenses
  • Clip-on