The wide range of available products and the concept of glasses as fashion accessory, often cause aesthetic criteria in choosing the frame, the same for the vendor. In this case, benchmarks are face physiognomy, age and gender. Who deals with vision with professionalism and competence it is aware however that, indeed a valid correction must have brought with comfort and naturalness. A good fitting is made of a general solution, a mix between structure of the frame and anatomical lines of the face, aesthetic sense and, of course, adequacy of the frame measures in comparison to the optic correction to be realized. Today producers realize frames in several materials. Independently from the chosen material, the ideal is that the frames are endowed with elasticity, versatility and resistance, so that to sustain stable and lasting. According to the materials and the technique used, frames are divided in:

  • Cellulose acetate/ thermoplastic resins
  • Metal
  • Nylon
  • Glasant or rimless, which means “without circle”
  • Nylor or pseudo-rimless
  • Half glasses
  • Brands of prescription glasses we have